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Uploading contact records using CSV template
Uploading contact records using CSV template

How to import, export and delete multiple contact records using the automatic upload .csv template

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Adding customer, supplier and contractor records in Passport365 is simple and can be undertaken manually for individual records or completed using the upload feature.

Multiple records must be saved using the .csv template which can be downloaded directly from the app or requested from the helpdesk.

NOTE FOR MAC USERS  CSV is not a format Mac Contact book currently supports, so the best option is to export your address book as a vCard (File > Export > Export vCard...) and then go to to convert the vCard to a comma separated CSV.

Using the import customers feature 

Navigate to the 'Contact' section using the left hand menu pane, highlight the 'Import Contacts' selection and select 'Apply':

A pop-up window will offer an opportunity to download the .csv template as well as provide the option to import a completed file:

Once you have selected a completed .csv file, select the 'Import Now' button and your files will automatically be uploaded to the app.

.csv template - Format

The complete template must be saved as a .csv in order to be compatible with the import feature. 

The header contains information about what should be updated in each column:

  • customer_type (company or person) this is important to include so that it indicates whether a customer entry is 'commercial'(company) or 'residential'(person).

  • company_name*(mandatory for commercial customers)

  • customer_title

  • customer_first_name*(mandatory for both commercial and domestic)

  • customer_last_name*(mandatory for both commercial and domestic)

  • first_line_address

  • second_line_address

  • town

  • state

  • post_code

  • country

  • phone_number

  • additional_phone_number

  • mobile_number

  • fax_number

  • email_address

  • website

**Mandatory Fields: please remember that some of the above field are mandatory (first and last name with both commercial and domestic customers and company name with commercial customers**

You can also use this feature to export or delete the details of a selection of contacts. 

Using the radial tick boxes to the left of each contact, select the records that you wish to export or delete and then select the corresponding option in the 'Export/Import/Delete Contact' box before selecting 'Apply':

When exporting contacts, a file will be automatically created and saved to your local downloads folder.  When deleting contacts you will be prompted with a warning that your actions will permanently remove all associated files. By confirming your choice with 'Delete' will remove these files.

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