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Using the customer portal
Using the customer portal

How to use the customer portal - what you and your customers see

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

What your customers see?

The customer portal currently consists of three section 


All existing quotes for your customer will show up in the quotes list, excluding quotes that are draft and draft completed

customers can go into a quote and view quote details including costs, any notes or messages from you and quote description using the "view" button 

customers can also accept or reject quotes from within the portal once they have been marked as sent 

All existing jobs for your customer will show up in the jobs list

customers can go into a job and view job details, files, communications and costs 


A list of all of the customers invoices can be seen by going to the invoice tab within the portal. They can then go into an existing invoice and view details

you can process a payment for the invoice if you have Stripe payments enabled 


Your customers can request new quotes or new jobs easily from within the portal cutting valuable data entry time. The requests will come through to your console as the status "Requested" so that you know they have been created through the Customer Portal. You can then progress them to the next stage 


customers have the ability to filter the through their jobs, quotes and invoices by using the filters dropdown 

They can also click on the main status buttons if they just wish to filter by a particular status 

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