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How to Create a Project Job
How to Create a Project Job

Using Project Jobs to create individual sub jobs to an overall project

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

If you take on jobs where different trades people need to be scheduled at different stages and times within the same overall Project – then this is the feature you want. 

EXAMPLE - New partition wall 

  • Build the wall

  • Install switches and sockets

  • Paint wall


  • Create a new job (ex. ‘Partition wall’) and save

  • Inside the job – find ‘Project jobs’ tab in the left hand column and click it

  • Click the ‘Add new project job’ button to add the 3 stages (‘Build wall’, ‘Install switches’, ‘Paint wall’)


  • Create a new job as normal

  • Add stage jobs in ‘Project jobs’ tab

Create a new job
Create a new job and click 'SAVE'

Add project jobs

Go to ‘Project jobs’ tab in the left column and click ‘Add new project job’ button (or use the square dropdown to duplicate the main job and Edit).

Add all details including assigning the job to a field staff (or multiple staff).

Repeat until you have added all jobs for your project. 

Once you are done – you have completed creating the Project job. 

At the end it will look something like this: 


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