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How to set up a recurring job
How to set up a recurring job

Setting up jobs that occur regularly is simple in Passport365 and can be custom defined.

Written by Tim Rattley
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Passport365 is set up to allow jobs to be set as recurring to save time in defining the same job over and over again. 

You can make any job recur on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis as well as define your own custom definitions.

Setting up a recurring job

When adding any new job or editing an existing job, the task can be made a recurring event by using the 'Recurrence' drop down menu.

Select the job you wish to make recurring and, ensuring you are on the 'Jobs' tab from the sub-menu, navigate to the bottom of the page (underneath the 'Assigned to' section):

A drop down menu allows you to select an existing recurrence value:

  • Every Day

  • Every Week

  • Every Month

  • Every Year

  • Custom

Every Day, Week, Month or Year

By selecting one of the preset recurrence values you will be presented with the opportunity to select an end date for this recurring job as well as determine whether the system uses weekends (when selecting daily occurrences).

Custom Recurrences

You can choose the rate of recurrence by selecting the 'Custom' option whereby you can define the frequency of the job as well as the end date.

When you have finished defining the recurrence of the job, don't forget to select 'Save' to update your changes.

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