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Navigating the scheduler
Navigating the scheduler

How to work your way around the scheduler, filters and map

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

The scheduler helps you plan and manage new and existing jobs and events, as well as letting you see your jobs and fieldworkers on a map

Filtering the scheduler

you can use advanced filters to manage what you see on the scheduler.
You can filter by the following: 

  • calendar type (events or jobs),

  • job status, 

  • customer, 

  • fieldworker 

  • job type (standard job, recurring, revisit)

If you use the same filters regularly, you can create filter presets which allow you to save your filter as a template. 

An example maybe filtering all "pending jobs" for your biggest customer or filtering by a specific group of your fieldworkers. 

To do this click the "save as new preset" link at the bottom of the filter drop down

you can also hide/show parts of the scheduler by using the tick boxes to the right-hand side of the page

Unscheduled jobs

Below your filters you will see your unscheduled job bricks that can be dragged onto your fieldworker’s timeline. 

You can filter your unscheduled jobs using the drop down next to the "unscheduled jobs heading".

Options include filtering by:

  • All unscheduled jobs 

  • Today with time (jobs with an allocated time today that has not been assigned to a fieldworker)

  • Today anytime (jobs with a date allocated today that has not been assigned to a fieldworker)

  • Any day (jobs that have no allocated time and no allocated fieldworker)

  • Assigned to worker (jobs that has an allocated fieldworker assigned, but no time or date)

Day/Week/Month scheduler view

You can view the main scheduler timeline in Day/Week/Month views

Day (Timeline view) - This view allows you to see all of your fieldworkers one below the other and drag/ edit jobs directly on the particular fieldworker’s timeline

Week View - This allows you to view your jobs and events week by week. You cannot drag pending bricks on from this view, but you can click a time and "add a new job". 

Monthly overview - this view gives you an overview of how many jobs you have on a given day of the month. You can then click on a data and it will bring you into the daily timeline view.

Map View

The map views is an important tool for help with both scheduling and also being able to view your fieldworkers on the map

  • Unscheduled jobs - Your unscheduled jobs show in white, they can also be dragged onto the timeline (similar to an unscheduled brick)

  • Scheduled jobs - scheduled jobs appear as a black pin

  • View today's jobs on the map - this will zoom all of today's jobs into view

  • Show traffic - show Google traffic updates

  • Map Zoom - bring the map in range by zooming in and out

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