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Scheduler Map and Fieldworker tracking
Scheduler Map and Fieldworker tracking

How to use the scheduler map and viewing your fieldworker’s location on the map

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

Map View

The map views are an important tool for help with both scheduling and also being able to view your fieldworkers on the map

  • Unscheduled jobs - Your unscheduled jobs show in white, they can also be dragged onto the timeline (similar to an unscheduled brick)

  • Scheduled jobs - scheduled jobs appear as a black pin. These can be helpful when scheduling in a new or existing job to find the closest already booked in job. 

  • View today's jobs on the map - this will zoom all of today's jobs into view

  • Show traffic - show Google traffic updates

  • Map Zoom - bring the map in range by zooming in and out

Fieldworker location tracking 

when your fieldworkers download the Passport365 Apps on Android or iOS, their location will be tracked in the background while they are working. 

This means that you will be able to see your fieldworkers last tracked position, which will also update on "significant location change" if he moves more than 500 metres. 

Please note that for privacy laws this can be switched off by each fieldworker within setting on their device. 

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