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Scheduling Events
Scheduling Events

Create events for fieldworkers directly on the scheduler

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

If you need to book things onto your fieldworker’s schedule that are not jobs, you can use "Events"

  • Example events

  • Doctors appointment 

  • Day off

  • Collect a part 

  • Come into the office 

How to create an event

From the scheduler, find the Fieldworker you want to create an event for on the timeline and then click the time in which you'd like this event booked in for, and then click "New event" in the pop up. 

You can then Give your event a name and description. 

The time of the event will already be automatically populated. 

Once you have clicked "add", your event you will see it as a purple brick on the scheduler (so it’s easy to differentiate between a job). 

Your Fieldworkers will also be able to see this event in his schedule on the fieldworker mobile app

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