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Using the Scheduler
Using the Scheduler

See how you can use the scheduler to easily booking and organise new and existing jobs

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

Scheduling Jobs

The scheduler allows you to get an overview of exactly what jobs you have going on at any given time. This gives you the flexibility to schedule in new and existing jobs at the optimal time for your fieldworkers. 

Scheduling pending jobs

Your pending jobs will appear as "bricks" above the scheduler timeline. You can easily schedule a pending job to one of your fieldworkers by drag and dropping one of your bricks onto your fieldworker’s timeline.

Adding a job directly from the scheduler 

You can also add a new job directly from the scheduler by clicking the timeline at the point you would like your new job scheduled and then clicking "new job"

View/ edit job details

you can view or edit an existing job by clicking the job brick which will show you a pop up with some of the jobs basic information including job name, address, status and time.

If you would like to see more details, or you need to edit/ view the jobs notes, cost items or description, you can do this by clicking "edit job" on the pop up.

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