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Using E-Forms PDF's on iOS
Using E-Forms PDF's on iOS

How to fill in PDF E-Forms on the fieldworker iOS App and sync them back to Passport365

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

If you have important documents that need to be filled in, this can be done easily using the Passport365 App

Downloading the Apps

  • Download Passport365 for iOS or you can type "Passport365" in the App store search


You will need to have fillable PDF forms in order to use this feature.
If you have already had your own PDF fillable forms, then you will be able to upload your form to each job in the files and notes section of the Web App. 

If you have a form that you would like to attached to the same job over and over again, you can use "Job templates".
This will allow you to upload the PDF to one job template and use it regularly without having to upload it each time


Need forms to be converted?

If you need your forms to be created into fillable PDF's we can do this for you at a price of £49/$55 per form*. You will need to provide us with an example of the form which can be an image, PDF, Word document etc.
Please contact us to arrange for this to be done
(*Based on one page form)

Navigating/ Using forms on the mobile Apps

  • If you want to navigate to a form that has been added to a job you first need to go into the job > Go to files and notes > select the E-form (at the bottom will be a PDF red square)

  • Once you have the E-Form open, you can begin populating your document fields

  • Once you have finished populating your form you can press the back button which will automatically save the updated version of the document in the App and also sync it back to the office providing there is an active internet connection. 

  • This will now be saved to the job for both the fieldworker and office admin to see.

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