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Adding a standalone Invoice
Adding a standalone Invoice

Creating a standalone invoice for costs not linked to a particular job

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

From time to time you may want to create a standalone invoice for costs not related to a job or for something you missed on a previous job that has already been invoiced.
You can do this easily by going to the Invoice section and selecting "add invoice"

Invoice details 

The first thing you will want to do is give the invoice a name, description, select the customer who the invoice is for and specify your payment terms.
At this point you can also save your invoice or you can add your cost first. 

Cost Items

The second selection from the menu allows you to add cost to the invoice

  • Select the 'Cost Items' option from the sub-menu in the left-hand menu pane.

From this menu you can add as many items as you need to build up the chargeable components of your job.

Sending Invoice

When you have finished adding your cost data, you are then ready to send your invoice. To do this select the "send invoice" button (you can also preview using the preview button). 

  • Send email: choose who email is sent to. Click the small plus icon on the right-hand side if you want to send the invoice to more than one person or untick the email box if you do not want to send it to anyone

  • Add note: Add a note to the invoice that the customer can see

  • Add files: Add multiple files from your computer to the email that is sent with the invoice

  • Preview: View a preview of your invoice prior to sending it to the customer. Please note that the reference number will show "######" as the real reference hasn't been generated yet. 

  • Send invoice: Send the invoice to the customer

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