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Multi-job batch Invoicing
Multi-job batch Invoicing

How to create a multi-job batch invoice for your customer

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

If you have multiple jobs completed for a single customer and would like to add all of their jobs onto a single invoice, you can do this from the main jobs list. 

The first thing you will need to do is filter by the customer you wish to invoice for. You can also filter further to only include completed jobs (invoices can only be created against completed jobs). 

When you have filtered your list and have your customer/completed jobs you want to invoice for, you are now ready to create your batch invoice. 

Select jobs for invoicing

The first thing you need to do is tick the boxes of the jobs to be included in the batch invoice (You can tick the top tick box if all of the jobs are to be included).

Once your jobs are ticked you will then need to "create invoice" by selecting the option from within the action drop down list, and then click the "Apply" button.

Invoice options

When you click the "Apply" button you will be presented with a list of invoice options, which we have numbered in the image below 

  • Invoice date: date the invoice was created

  • Terms: how long the customer has to pay the invoice

  • Due date: date payment is due (calculated automatically)

  • Send email: choose who email is sent to. Click the small plus icon on the right-hand side if you want to send the invoice to more than one person or untick the email box if you do not want to send it to anyone

  • Add note: Add a note to the invoice that the customer can see

  • Add files: Add multiple files from your computer to the email that is sent with the invoice

  • Preview: View a preview of your invoice prior to sending it to the customer. Please note that the reference number will show "######" as the real reference hasn't been generated yet. 

  • Create invoice: Create and/or send the invoice to the customer

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