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Recording Payments against Invoices
Recording Payments against Invoices

How to record payments against Invoices

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

Once you have created an invoice, you may want to record a payment(s) against your invoice which will help to keep organised and update your invoice statuses.

  • To record a payment, go to the invoice section and find the invoice you would like to add a payment to

  • Click the cost & payments tab > then click the "Payments" button.

Add Payment - You will now be presented with the "Add payment" pop up below

  • Payment type: select how your customer has paid you, options are: Cash, Cheque, Bank transfer, card payment

  • Details: Enter the amount that was paid and date

  • Notes: enter any notes or additional information if required (this is optional)

  • Process payment: this will record payment against the invoice and automatically update the status to "Paid" if the full amount has been paid or "Part-paid" if the invoice still has a balance remaining 

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