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How to add a contractor or supplier
How to add a contractor or supplier

How to add an external contractor or a supplier in Passport365

Written by Tim Rattley
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Passport365 allows you to record details of customers, suppliers and contractors in a central database. This is used to populate information across the app, including site addresses, contact details as well as billing addresses (customers)

New contact details can be imported or exported using the .csv feature making it easy to populate the information or obtain details from the system.

How to Add a New Contractor or Supplier

Select the 'Contact' icon from the left-hand menu pane:

From the Contact interface, you will be presented with a directory of existing contacts that you can navigate and select from alphabetically or view 'All': 

Manually Adding a New Supplier or Contractor

Adding a new contractor or supplier is a matter of selecting the 'Add Contact' button:

Selecting Contact Type 

When setting up a new contact you must first select the contact type from:

  • Commercial customer

  • Residential customer

  • Contractor 

  • Supplier

You can add a logo or in the case of an individual you could use this feature to add a profile shot. Simply select the icon to the top left of the screen and choose an image file to upload.

You can adjust the size and position of the uploaded image using the sliding bar beneath the image preview. Click 'Save' to update the record:

Update the supplier/contractor information fields beneath the company name:

  • Main contact name

  • Division/Branch

  • Phone, Mobile and Email

  • Select 'Commercial' or 'Domestic' supplier

  • Main billing address

Selecting a Contact Category

You can define contacts categories within the settings to group your contacts in any way you wish (see the help files 'How to create contact categories'). This could be to define a group of contractors who only provide a certain type of service or suppliers from within a specific network.

Simply select the appropriate Category from your predefined set to apply to your new contact record:

Adding Address Details to a Supplier/Contractor Record

You then have the option to add site addresses that are relevant to a specific contractor or supplier.

By clicking 'Add', you can attach each site to your contractor or supplier's portfolio.

Once you have completed all of the fields, select the 'Create Contact' button to save your supplier/contractor contact record.

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