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How to create a contact category
How to create a contact category

Defining contact categories to group customer, supplier and contractor contacts records.

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Within Passport365, you can define custom categories for your contacts to help you group suppliers, customers and contractors as you wish.

This could be to create industry specific customer such as institutes that require heightened security access such as schools and prisons. 

Creating a contact category

Navigate to the 'Work' section of the 'Settings' interface by selecting settings from the left-hand menu and work from the top sub-menu:

Selecting the 'Contacts categories', you can add a new custom category for your contacts by selecting the 'Add New' button:

This will open a pop-up window:

From this window, simply define a category and choose whether this applies to:

  • Commercial customers

  • Residential customers

  • Contractors

  • Suppliers

How Custom Contact Categories Work

Once define, customer contact categories help you to group your contacts which can help when reporting as well as choosing appropriate contractors to allocate jobs to.

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