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Setting up custom fields
Setting up custom fields

How to use custom fields to collect data on jobs, customers, quotes and invoices

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

Passport365 allows users to create custom fields that can be attached to jobs, customers or quotes. You can also attach these fields to a template and set a default value.

These can be free text, dropdown menus, date/time or text with suffix fields. 

To set up a new custom field, navigate to the 'Settings/Work' sub-menu by selecting 'Settings' and then the 'Work' tab.

Selecting the 'Add New' button, you will be presented with a pop-up window in which you can define the characteristics and settings of your custom field.

First of all, you have three options as to which section you wish the custom field to appear in; customer, job or quote.

You can then select whether you wish the custom field to apply to a specific customer only or job template.

It could be that one of your customers, Stark Metering, always requires their own reference number on all of their paperwork; let's say this is a Purchase Order No that is always suffixed by JZ09.

To ensure that this happens, we can add a custom field for both our Job and Quote sections for Stark Metering:

Once this is saved, any jobs or quotes raised for Stark Metering will prompt the user for a Customer Purchase Order. By using the correct suffix, users will be given an aide-memoir as which detail is required in this field.

Selecting 'Save' will update the system and make this change global.

Editing and deactivating custom fields

You may wish to edit or temporarily deactivate a custom field and you can easily do so by returning to the Custom Fields section and selecting the field you wish to edit.

At the bottom of each definition of a field is a tick box marked, 'Active'.
By deselecting this tick box, your custom field remains defined but is just not active in the system. 

Once again, selecting 'Save' will update any changes you make.

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