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Using Job Templates

Job Templates help save time by using preset information to populate the common fields on your jobs

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

If some of the jobs you create in Passport365 have common information such as costs, time and file attachments then creating a job template in Passport365 can save time. 

It may be that you have routine jobs for the same client which require specific file attachments or are billed at a reduced rate. 

Job Templates can make raising quotes, jobs and invoices much simpler, particularly for your field workers who may be short of time. 

Select 'Settings' from the left-hand menu pane and then select the 'Work' tab:

Adding & Editing a Job Template

To add a new job template, select the 'Add Template' button at the top of the page or edit an existing template by selecting 'View' and then 'Edit Template'. You can search for a template using a keyword in the search feature.

When you select the 'Add Template' function you will have three screens that require completing:

  • Template Details

  • Template Cost Items

  • Template Files and Notes

Template Details

The first screen will look like this:

In this screen, you will need to give your template a name and provide a description. If the template is specific to a certain customer, you are able to select this here.

You can also select any specifics for this job such as duration (it could be for a fixed two-hour maintenance job) or a particular site (this may be a job for a regular client at their flagship site).

Once you have updated the details, click 'Save' before continuing to the next screen, 'Template Cost Items':

Template Cost Items

The next screen will present you with an option to add cost items which are common to your job template. By selecting the 'Add Item' button, you can add as many lines as you need to complete your template.

Each item can be selected from preset items already defined on the system or can be manually entered under 'Item'. Prices can be fixed, by quantity or added as time. 

You can also select the correct tax rate to be applied before adding a more comprehensive description.

Click 'Add' to add the item to your template.

Template Files & Notes

You will need to save your template before you can access the third screen. Select 'Save' from the left hand panel to continue:

Once saved, you can select 'Template Files & Notes' from the left hand menu.

From this screen you are able to add any specific notes that either should be included with the job for your field workers to be able to see.

Simply be selecting the radial tick box above the 'Add new note' field will indicate that the note is internal. If you select this box then your field workers will not be able to see this note.

Selecting 'Done' will save the note to your template and offer you another note. 

Notes can be edited or deleted from within this screen:

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