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Navigating the Passport365 mobile app (full version)
Navigating the Passport365 mobile app (full version)

Access the functions in the full version of the Passport365 mobile app - iOS only

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For information on how to log in and access job information, see our further help files on 'Using the Job Manager in the Passport365 mobile app' and 'Overview: Mobile App (Full Version)'.

Once you have logged in to the app using your smart phone or tablet you will be presented with the main view of your allocated jobs arranged in date order. 

The default view is of the current days jobs but you can scroll up for past or overdue jobs and scroll down to see future jobs. To return to the current days jobs, select the 'Today' function at the top left of the screen.

The default view shows jobs with any status. To change this view, select the 'Show Status: All' button and select/deselect those statuses you wish to view.

Refreshing the jobs page

You can refresh the network connection for the Workforce FM app which will synchronise the information in the app with the main database to keep your job data fully up to date.

Searching for a job

You can use the search function to search your allocated jobs for a keyword. This can be from the job description, customer name or other details. Select the magnifying glass icon in the top right of the app and type the word you are looking for. This can be a useful way for field workers to find several jobs relating to the same property, customer or task.

Viewing jobs on map

The Passport365 app allows fieldworkers to view their days jobs on a map. This can be useful for scheduling travel.

Select the icon at the bottom left of the screen and select 'View Jobs on Map'

Using Passport365 for Sat Nav Guidance

By selecting the address within any job (you can do this from the 'View Jobs on Map' screen), you can use the app to open Sat Nav guidance to the next job.

Viewing Job Information

To view the job information from the main dashboard simply select the job you would like to view. The screen will refresh to display further information. 

Fieldworkers  can update the job status, custom fields priority and add files, notes and a customer signature. Once a job is complete, they can also record payment details (if applicable).

Accessing the Job Timer function

Fieldworkers may also use the Job Timer function to log time on site. The timer is located at the bottom of the job information page on each individual job.

Selecting the timer button will start the timer (icon turns red when running). 

Selecting it again will pause the timer icon turns green when paused).

Obtaining a final customer signature and uploading completion documents/images

When a job has been completed, the field worker can change the status of the job to 'Complete' which will update the system back in the office. They can then obtain a customer signature using the app.

Open the relevant job and select 'Notes and Assets'. This will open a screen which will allow a field worker to upload photographs, documents from the iCloud Drive or obtain a customer signature.

Recording Payment Details

Field workers can use the Passport365 app to record details of payments taken from the customer (Cash and Cheque). 

Select the completed job for which payment is being taken and select the Cost. time and invoicing section.

Select the 'Take Payment' button and you can record the amounts received.

By selecting 'Process payment', details of the transaction will be saved in the customers billing history.

Viewing customer contact details and job history

From the bottom menu bar, select the customer icon at the bottom right.

This will bring up an alphabetical listing of all customers from which you can select one to view further information.

You can view information related to all open jobs, completed works and any quotes that are outstanding.

Field workers can add new customers from the app by selecting the 'Expand Menu' icon from the bottom left hand side of the screen and selecting 'Add new Customer'.

Adding a new quote

Field workers with full access to the app can create a new quote whilst they are on site. By selecting the 'Expand menu' icon at the bottom left hand of the app will bring up an additional menu bar; select 'Add new Quote'.

Creating a new quote is straight forward and requires the field worker to complete the following information:

  • Customer name

  • Quote name

  • Description

  • Job address

  • Select status of the quote (draft, sent, accepted etc.)

  • Cost items

  • Notes and files

Once a quote has been raised, it will be stored in the customers account history.

Converting a quote to a job

Selecting the customer icon on the bottom right hand side of the app will expand the customer database.

Selecting a customer will expand their job and quote history.

By selecting quotes, you can view any outstanding quotes on the system and see its current status.

By selecting any quote you will have the option to send the quote via email or convert to a job. Converting  the job will amend the status of the quote but will not schedule the job. The quote and the job will remain allocated to the field worker who raised it initially.

Adding a new job

Similarly to raising a new quote, select the 'Expand Menu' icon from the bottom left hand side of the screen and select 'Add New Job'

Field workers must add:

  • Customer details

  • Job name

  • Description

  • Job address

  • Status of the job (pending, awaiting parts etc)

  • Priority status

  • Scheduled Start Time

  • Scheduled End Time

  • Cost items

  • Any notes and files

Any custom job fields that have been defined will also need completing before selecting 'Save'.

The job will now be saved to the customer database and the job will remain allocated to the field worker that has raised the job.

Logging out and closing the app

You can close out of the Passport365 app by navigating away from the screen on your smart phone or tablet and the app will activate the pass code security feature keeping data secure. Any timers you have set running will continue to run in the background.

Logging out can be done by selecting the logo at the bottom left of the screen and selecting log out. Please note that logging out this way will force a full user name and password log in when you next open the app.

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