Asset Management Overview

An overview of what you can do with the Passport365 Asset management module.

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

The Passport365 Asset Management module helps companies who manage Assets or Equipment onsite. It works perfectly for businesses such as 

Maintenance Contractors, HVAC, Appliance & equipment maintenance, Facilities and Equipment Management and many more industries that look after customer equipment. (You can also use assets to manage internal equipment by creating yourself as a customer)

What you can do with Assets?

·Categorise assets - E.g. Bins, Floodlights, Seating 

·Custom fields - Create custom data fields against Assets (can also be granular against a particular asset category)

·Asset templates - create asset templates including makes and model library if you maintain lots of the same assets

·Warranties - manage labour and manufacturers warranty periods. This will raise a flag when adding a job or when invoicing for jobs against this asset

·Files & Notes - Store files, images and notes against your asset

Assign assets to jobs and quotes - assign Assets to jobs and quotes which will allow your fieldworkers to also see the asset and add data via the fieldworker mobile app

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