Asset Template

Create Asset templates that can be reused. Great for companies who manage the same model of asset regularly.

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Creating Asset templates 

Asset templates can be created by going to Settings > Work > Asset templates > Add new

You can then 

  1. Enter the templates name (usually the machine or equipment’s name)

  2. Add an image (optional)

  3. Add an asset category (optional) if you need to add a new article see our other     article:  Asset Categories 

  4. Add a serial number (optional)

  5. Select a make and model (Details of how to add makes and models below)

  6. Click "Save"

How to add makes and models in templates

If you'd like to add makes and models of equipment that can be used on an ongoing basis follow these steps 

Adding Makes

Go to Add asset template > Click the pencil icon next to the make field

Adding models under makes 

Once you've added your makes, you can add as many models under the make by doing the following 

Click the pencil icon next to the Model field, select the make you want to add models to. Click Add module and then add in the model. (To add additional models, repeat the process)

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