Warranty Agreements

Managing Warranty agreements on Assets you manage

Written by Tim Rattley
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If you use the Passport365 Asset management module and you have warranty periods on the Assets you manage, you can use our warranty feature to keep track of dates.

Warranties allows you to 

  • Manage dates for both Manufacturers and also labour warranty.

  • Keep a record of the Asset installation date

  • Add record of inclusions and exclusions of warranty

  • Flag up on jobs when an asset is under warranty so that you can get a quick view of warranty details

  • Flag when you invoice a job that contains an asset under warranty 

How to add warranty details to an asset 

Go into an existing asset or Add a new asset > Scroll down to the Warranty section > activate the warranty switch

This will allow you to add Installation date, Labour and manufacturer warrants dates, descriptions and exclusions. You can also tick the warning message box to show a warning when an invoice is being raised that contains this asset.

What an asset with warranty looks like within a job or Quote

when you add an asset to a job or quote you will see a small warranty flag under the asset name. This can be clicked to reveal the warranty details

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