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Forms Overview

Design, fill in, complete and send professional forms, checklists and compliance documents from the office and out in the field

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Forms are a great way of collecting structured data from anywhere at anytime.
You can fill in forms from the web based App within a job, or your field teams can fill forms in out in the field from the mobile based App.

Forms have many use cases, for example:

Compliance forms: forms such as electrical, maintenance, risk assessments and much more can be completed. 

Surveys: create and fill in surveys, taking images, notes, questions etc.

Checklists: create templated checklists. (Example: having a set routine of tasks at a job that need to be done every time you go there.)



Our forms feature is split into two modules, depending on what you need 

Standard forms

With our standard forms module, you can download pre built templates such as gas safety, risk assessments etc and download them into your account and fill them in.

Custom Form Builder 

The form builder module gives you access to everything, this module will allow you to:

  1. Download pre built templates 

  2. Create an unlimited amount of custom forms using our drag and drop builder 

  3. Request custom PDF templates from our design team

  4. Ask an external designer to customise your PDF templates using HTML (warning: they will need HTML and CSS knowledge)

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