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A brief overview of the Passport365 custom form builder module

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What you can do with the form builder?

The custom form builder allows you to build any type of form that can be added to your jobs and filled in from the office or the field. Some common types of forms and use cases:

  • Post job sign off form 

  • During work checklists

  • Surveys

  • Compliance forms

  • Safety checks

  • Anything else you can think of!

The elements you can use on a form?

Forms are flexible, giving you the ability to split your form questions into sections and sub-sections as well as using the following field types:

Title & description: Add a title and description to your form section
: information text to be added
Single line text field
: single line text filed to be filled in
Multi line text field
: multi line text filed to hold additional text
: Date selector  
Date & Time
: date selector and time selection
Single choice field
: single choice field which can be a dropdown or buttons
Multi choice field
: Multi choice select field
: create a checklist to be completed
: electronic signature capture and print name
Image selector
: images to be selected - you can specify how many

Using your forms 

Once you have created your forms you can save them. Forms are saved as drafts until you press the publish button 

Once a form is published, you will then be able to see the form in your available list when adding or editing a job and selecting a form

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