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How to edit a form name or delete a form
How to edit a form name or delete a form

How to edit a form name, description, type, or delete an existing form within the forms section

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If you want to edit a forms name, description, type or delete a form you can do so by going to settings > Work > Forms

To edit a form name or description or delete a form completely you can select the menu from within the forms list section 

Or by going into a form > Clicking the menu icon 

To Edit

Click "Edit form" which will bring up a pop up where you can edit the name, type or description of the form. once done, you can click update.

To Delete

If you would like to delete your form, press the "delete form" option in the menu, which will ask you if you are sure you want to delete. If you do want to move forward, click "Yes, delete form". 

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