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Downloading form templates from the library
Downloading form templates from the library

Downloading business specific forms that can be completed in the field or in the office

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

If you are in an industry that has standard forms, we may already have them in our shared library. The library will give you the ability to choose the forms that work for your business and download them for use in your account.

How to download forms?

You can download and search for forms by going to settings > Forms > Add from library

You can then choose what forms you'd like to use by clicking Get Form to the right-hand side of the form you'd like to download

All downloaded form templates will show as ✅Downloaded in this list.

If you want to preview what a form looks like in PDF, click the print icon

NOTE!!! Custom forms created directly through Settings -> Form -> Build a Form will not be added to the Form Library. Any form template that has been downloaded and then deleted from the system can be re-downloaded at any time by going back into the library.

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