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Filling in a form on the Web App
Filling in a form on the Web App

Filling in a form on the Web App

Written by Tim Rattley
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After adding published Forms to a job, office staff can fill in or edit a form directly from the forms section of a job. 

To see the Forms that are added to a job you need to go to the Forms section from the left hand side of the screen.

You will see a list of all of your forms grouped by type, pre-work, during work, etc. 

Form's statuses will be displayed 

  • not completed or started (grey icon)

  • in progress (orange icon) 

  • completed (green icon). 

On the right side of the Forms section the system will also display the total number of sections and how many of the sections have been filled in.

Filling in a form

To fill in the form you need to click on the Form in question and the system will take you to the editable version of the form.

Through this view you can switch between the different sections by clicking the section numbers at the top right hand side.

Each section can be individually marked as Completed by clicking the switch button from the top of the form, next to the section's title.

The progress of each section is also reflected on the section buttons from the top right hand side. 

  • The sections that are completed will be highlighted in green. 

  • The sections that are in progress/incomplete will be highlighted in yellow.

  • The sections that aren't filled at all will be highlighted in grey.

  • The current tab the user is viewing will be highlighted orange.

Subsections can also be expanded or collapsed to hide and show content for easy viewing.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Subsections with mandatory fields can also be collapsed, in these cases, you need to be careful as a Form cannot be Completed when mandatory fields are not filled in. The system will let you know if a Mandatory field has been missed and the mandatory fields can be easily identified by the "red asterisks". as seen below next to Address (line 1) 

After filling in the necessary information the form can be saved by clicking the "Save form" button down the left

If the Mark as Completed button is clicked it locks the form down and additional changes cannot be made unless the form is Re-opened

Preview/ Save the PDF form 

The Form can also be previewed clicking the Print button, which will open a new tab with the form PDF. The Form PDF can then be downloaded, saved as PDF or printed on paper by right clicking or using the icons top right.

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