Creating time log templates

Creating time log templates to let your fieldworkers fill in the timesheet information you want to receive faster

Written by Tim Rattley
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Time log templates are helpful when you want to collect set time log information from your fieldworkers. They help speed things up so that your fieldworkers do not have to spend additional time on admin. Some example use cases

  1. Collecting one set amount of time for the day e.g. you may want your fieldworker to give you "8 hours" of work time, instead of providing a breakdown of each jobs time as individual time logs.

  2. Collecting a set amount of travel time for the day

Please note that if you want fieldworker to provide time logs for each job, we have another option that automatically creates logs for each job, that can be setup in Settings > Timesheets

Creating a time log template

Go to Settings > Timesheets and switch on the option below

You will then see a table dropdown where you can start to add your time log templates

Add time log

To add a new time log, click the "Add time log template" button

Time log categories

Choose the type of time log category you are creating

If you select a Job or Quote, this means that the person filling in the time log can select a Job or Quote (optionally) to put the time log against. This is optional and Job should still be used if you are just tracking general work time

Duration or From / Until

Decide if you want to add a duration or From / Until time in. This is optional and can be left empty, but helps save a bit of time if your fieldworkers generally works a consistent amount of time or hours each day.


Add a description for the time log. This can be as simple as "Time spent working" "Time spent on admin" "Travel time" etc.


Once you have done this, you can save and your templates will show in the template table in settings and will also now be available for fieldworkers and admins to see from the timesheets

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