Setting up timesheets

Getting started configuring your timesheets

Written by Tim Rattley
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Timesheets let your fieldworkers submit both time and expenses from the mobile App, whilst allowing your admin team to manage, edit and approve them from the web console.


First you will need to decide how you want to use timesheets. We have a few options that should allow you to follow the process you've used paper based (if you are an existing business) or decide how you want to use timesheets if you are new to timesheets.

  1. Blank canvas: If you want Fieldworkers to add their own time logs on a blank canvas, you can do this. It means they create their own logs, call them what they want, and submit them.

  2. Time templates: You can setup templates for Fieldworkers to fill in. This works well, if for example you want them to track one log of time per day, one log for travel etc. It helps you control exactly what they add to the timesheet.

  3. Time logs per job/quote: If you want Fieldworkers to granularly submit time for each job or quote, you can do this and we will create time log records to be filled in on each appointment.

Getting started

To get started with timesheets, go to Settings > Timesheets

You will then be presented with a list of options that you can turn on and off using the switches.

  • Allow fieldworkers to add time logs from the App: This will allow your field team to add new custom time logs and expenses from the App (you will need this if you are trying to achieve option one above)

  • Allow fieldworkers to delete time logs from the App: If you are happy for your fieldworker to delete existing time logs and ones that they create, switch this option on

  • Automatically create time logs for each job a fieldworker is scheduled to: if you want granular time logging on a job by job basis (option three above) you will need to switch this on. We will then pre create the time logs for each Job or Quote your fieldworker is assigned to making it so much faster for them to fill in.

  • Create set time log templates that fieldworker have to fill in: if you want a set of templates that a fieldworker has to fill in each day they work (option two above) then this will need to be switched on.

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