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Filling in time logs from the Web App
Filling in time logs from the Web App

How to fill in a timesheet from the Web Application

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

You can add time logs on behalf of staff from within the web-based application in the Timesheets section.

Adding a time log

Time logs can be added from the main timesheets screen or by going into a Fieldworkers timesheet. Look out for the + Add button

Filling in

Fill in your time log data

  1. Staff name: select this staff member this time log is for

  2. Type of time: decide if you want to express time in duration (e.g. 2 hours) or if you want to specify the exact start and end time (e.g. 9AM - 11AM)

  3. Overtime: If this time log is considered overtime you use the switch to confirm

  4. Rate: this will automatically be taken from the staff members profile in settings, but can be changed manually at this point if required (or left empty)

  5. Date: enter the date of the time log

  6. Duration: enter the duration of time spent
    From/Until: enter the specific start and end time of the time log

  7. Time log category: Select the category for the time log. If the time log is against a job or quote you can select the job or quote category which will then present another dropdown where you can then link it to the record

  8. Description: Optionally enter a description for the time log


Once the data has been filled in, Click Save, or save and add more if you wish to create multiple time logs. This will save the time log for you against the Fieldworker you selected and will be in the timesheet week you selected based on the date of time log.

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