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Creating expenses from the Fieldworker App
Creating expenses from the Fieldworker App

How to submit expenses directly from the Fieldworker mobile App

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

Fieldworkers can create and submit expenses as part of their weekly timesheet to be Approved. This feature is perfect if materials, travel costs, petrol etc need to be submitted and reimbursed.

How to create an expense record?

You can create an expense from the Timesheets & Expenses section, or from within a job > Timesheet

1. Click the Add button and select Add expense

2. Complete the expense form which includes the expense category, date, amount, description and image of the expense receipt if applicable

1. Expense name

Enter the name of your expense, e.g. Petrol, materials etc

2. Date of expense & Amount

Enter the date of purchase, followed by the amount paid.

3. Description

Provide a general description of the expense you have purchased

4. Take a picture

Snap a picture of the receipt which can be viewed in the office and in the field.

Click save, which will create your expense record

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