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Submit a timesheet from the Fieldworker App
Submit a timesheet from the Fieldworker App

How to submit a timesheet from the Fieldworker mobile App

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

Submitting a timesheet

Timesheets are submitted weekly, once a week, and run Monday to Sunday.

You can submit a timesheet on whatever day you like, e.g. if you work Mon-Fri, you may want to submit Friday afternoon, but there is nothing stopping you submitting on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. It maybe best to ask your office for guidance if applicable.

Please note that once a timesheet has been submitted, it cannot be edited for that week, unless the office unlock it and allow you to revise it.

How to submit a timesheet

1. Go to the Timesheets & Expenses tab

2. Go to the week you'd like to submit. As default you will land on the "Current week". you can also scroll to different weeks or change the date using the date picker by clicking on the date in orange

3. Make sure all of the total time boxes are green (which means they have all been filled in like number 1 in the image). Remember, even if you haven't spent time on a time log, just tap to enter 0. Number 2 in this screen has not been filled so the timesheet will not let you submit until this has been filled.

4. Once all of your logs are green, you can then click the submit button to submit your timesheet

5. Once the timesheet has been approved, or to check the status, you can see it just below the date and at the bottom of the timesheet record next to the total time

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