Asset service due date

How to manually add the assets next service due date and send a reminder.

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

Adding a due date

You can manually add the next visit due date of an asset under the 'Next Due' date field when adding or editing an asset.

This is perfect for businesses who do not have a contracted agreement with customers to maintain this asset, but still want to keep track of when its next due for servicing and send the customer a reminder

Adding a reminder against an asset

You can optionally create a service reminder for the next visit by selecting the 'Create a service reminder for a potential future visit' option, which will send your customer an email and/or SMS reminding them of the potential visit that is required.

You can then also check the 'Next Due' date for any given asset in the Asset Manager list.

The 'Next Due' column will also automatically display the date of the next visit/job that was contracted for this asset (if a contract has been setup). If both a manual Service Due Date was added and a job was scheduled for this asset the system will display both dates.

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