Adding multiple assets to a job

How to add multiple assets to a single job

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You have the option to add multiple assets to a single job, this is very helpful when working on sites with more than a single asset.

There are a few things to think about when deciding if you should add a single asset per job or multiple assets per job

  1. A job only has one status, so if you add six assets on a job and you only manage to look at four of them, you may need to either raise another job for the two that were not serviced, or keep the job status as in progress until the other two are completed.

  2. If you raise a job per asset, it means each job has its own status, but in the above example you would have raised six individual jobs, which can be more tedious to look at and update from a fieldworker perspective working onsite.

How to add a job with multiple assets

Step 1

Make sure that the assets are assigned to the correct customer (and) or the correct site address through the Assets &Contracts section -> Asset Manager tab.

Step 2

After ensuring the customer you are adding the job for has the assets assigned to them you can click the Add Job button and then assign the job to the customer (you can either go to the jobs section or click the add job button within the Asset)

Step 3

Select the site that the assets were assigned to and select the 'Reactive Work for Asset(s)' option from under the Asset/Service section of the job sheet.

Step 4

To select the assets for the job you will have to go to the 'Assets' drop-down list and tick the selection boxes of the assets you want to be assigned to this job.

You can then close the Asset drop-down list, assign a worker or add any other details to the job and Save the job.

NOTE: In the Asset list you also have the option to check the Warranty period for each asset, by clicking the 'Under Warranty' or 'Warranty Expired' buttons underneath them. This will display a pop-up box with the warranty details that were added for each asset. If the warranty details are not added through the Asset Manager these markers will not be displayed.

Viewing multiple assets via the mobile app

The mobile app user can view the job through the mobile app and view the asset details. Simply select the job in question.

On the job sheet scroll down to the Assets section and select it to see the assets assigned to the job.

If you want to see more details for one specific asset, simply tap the asset in question and you will be able to see the Asset files and History, Serial number, ID, etc.

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