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Manage all of your customers sites in one place

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Sites are where you carry out your work for customers.

Some of your customers may have one site (for example if they are a leisure centre keeping track of daily activies) and some of your customers may have multiple sites (think councils, property managers etc.). Passport365 allows you to manage both.

Sites list lets you view, filter, add and search all of your sites for all contacts in a centralised place.

How to add a new site

You can add a site by going Contacts > Sites tab > Add site. You can also add sites from within a contact, but this article will focus on using the site section.

Click Add site:

Add your site details:

you can select your customer and add your site name, address, any custom fields you have setup and site contact details.

Once complete click save

Adding files and notes to a site

You can add files and notes to your site via the files & notes tab down the left.

You have the option to add

  • Text based notes

  • Files which include PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc.


Please also note that when you use this site as part of a job, any documents and notes created as part of the job will automatically be saved against the site making it easy to view historical data in one place 🎉

Navigating sites

Each site lets you see

  • Site details - Including site location on a map

  • Assets & Contracts against the site

  • Files & Notes

  • Jobs

  • Quotes

Quick Actions, Editing and Deleting your site

Quick Actions

Quick actions buttons really helpful for speeding up performing an action for your site such as

Adding a new job, contract, asset, quote or just navigating back to the main contact for this site quickly.

Just click the button and select your option which will open in a new window in your browser.

Edit site

To edit your site or site contact details, click the edit button which will open the edit form for you to update

Delete site

If for any reason you no longer need a site, you can delete the site permanently by clicking the delete button

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