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Profit & Loss overview
Profit & Loss overview

An overview of what you can do with the Passport365 profit and loss module.

Written by Tim Rattley
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Profit & Loss helps companies work out if and how profitable a job is. When this module is active you'll be able to add costs to a job, specify how much you purchase and sell for, add non billable expenses and dynamically see the profit & loss generated immediately.

Buy Price, Sell Price, Markup, Discount and Non-Billable fields

With the Profit and Loss feature the Cost items section allows you to enter Buy Price (how much you purchase this item or service for), Sell Price (the price you sell to your customer), Markup, Discounts and Non-Billable cost items (items you purchase that are not billed to the customer or shown on the invoice). Profit and Loss can be calculated for each cost item individually and for the entire job as a total Profit/Loss.

You can add the price that they paid to buy a part or service and then add the sell price that they are charging for that particular item. The system will then automatically calculate the profit/loss.

Another way of determining the Sell Price is by adding a markup percentage (this is the amount of money as a percentage you would like to add to the cost item ontop of how much you've purchased it for). This is done by enabling the More Options function and then adding a percentage in the Markup field. As long as the Buy Price is mentioned the system will calculate the mark up automatically add the Sell Price, along with the Profit/Loss.

NOTE!!! The markup and buy price is not going to be displayed on the invoice, job sheet or any other documents sent to your customers.

After enabling the More Options function, you also have the ability to add a discount. The discount will also be taken into account for the item's profitability, it will also be taken into consideration on the job's profitability.

Discounts, unlike markups and Buy Prices, will show on the documents that are sent to your customers.

Internal expenses can be added as non-billable items, these items are calculated exclusively as expenses. A non-billable items is marked as such by enabling the Non-Billable option.

NOTE!!! Non-billable items will not be displayed on the invoice, job sheet or any other documents sent to your customers.

Finally the system will calculate your overall costs/ expenses (including buy prices added for items) and the general Profit/Loss.

NOTE!!! Profit/Loss and Expenses will not show on the invoices, job sheets or any other documents you send to your customers.

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