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All day job bookings
All day job bookings

Booking in jobs for the whole day

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

f you have a job that spans the entire day, you can use the All day job function so that you do not have to manually enter the start and end times.

How all day job bookings work

  1. If you have company business hours setup we will use these if you create a job without a fieldworker assigned. If you do not have any business hours setup we will default to 9am-5pm.

  2. if you are creating a job and assigning it to a fieldworker we will first check their working hours and use them. If they do not have working hours setup we will use company business hours instead. If you do not have business hours setup it will default to 9am-5pm.

Selecting all day when creating a job in the Web App

when adding a job, in the dates section you have an "All day job booking" checkbox. If this is clicked it will disable the ability to add times and durations in, so all that is required is the day.

Underneath the date, you will also see the working hours the system has calculated for the day.

How all day jobs display?

All day jobs have a label on when viewing from the jobs list or the scheduler so you can clearly see that they are booking in for all day

All day jobs on the Fieldworker App

All day jobs work the same way on the Fieldworker App. If you have permission to add or edit jobs, you can select a job as all day which will disable the need to add start and end times. Jobs will also show in the mobile job list as all day, for easy viewing.

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