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Setting Business Hours
Setting Business Hours

Set the hours you're open for business and hide the days you're closed

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

You can set your companies working hours as well as granularly set hours of operation for your Fieldworkers. This will update the scheduler timeline so that you only see your hours of operation and will also help you identify if fieldworkers are not working on specific days.

This feature can be accessed through Settings -> Company tab on top -> Business Hours and Rules.

To add a specific working hours interval the "24 Hours" box needs to be un-ticked, after doing this the system will let the users input the time interval manually.

Each day can have different Business Hours set up, these can be a specific time interval or it can also be a 24 hours work day. Days can also be marked as Closed in order to avoid booking appointments for days that the business is closed.

All of these changes will be reflected on the Scheduler. You can also "Hide days your business is closed from Scheduler", this will completely remove the Closed days from the Scheduler.

There is also an option to "Show a warning message when booking jobs that run past opening hours", if this option is selected the system will display an attention message to notify the person adding the job that the scheduled date/time is outside of the opening hours.

After making any changes please remember to click the "Save" button.

Business Hours for staff members

If some of your staff members work different hours to your general business hours e.g. they have one day off a week etc, you can manage this within each staff members profile in the staff members section.

By going to Settings -> Staff Members -> Manage this staff member's working hours you can choose the working hours for each staff member individually,

When accessing this option the system will display the Business Hours set up through Settings -> Business Hours and Rules. You can then change this information for a specific staff member and then access the "Save" button and "Go back to Staff member's details".

Business Hours on the Scheduler

Through the Scheduler section you can select what time interval you can view. regardless if these are hours while the business is open or closed.

This is very helpful when you have different business hours for different days. Closed time will be highlighted on the Scheduler if your displaying times outside of working hours.

Through the Timeline view, accessed from the top bar, you can choose how many days you want to have displayed.

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