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Changing the order of Fieldworkers on the Scheduler
Changing the order of Fieldworkers on the Scheduler

How to sort the order of your fieldworkers on the Scheduler

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

The order of your Fieldworkers on the scheduler, will as default be the order they were added to the system in the staff members section.

If you'd like to update this, you can do so to make it a custom order or an alphabetical order depending on your needs.

In order to do this the, you will need to go to the Scheduler section.

After doing this, you need to click the Settings icon/button from the top far right hand side of the screen. (see screenshot below)

When clicking this button the system will display a pop-up box that will list all of the fieldworkers and the Teams (if you have the teams module enabled) in there current order.

By clicking the Sort A-Z option from the top of the box the system will automatically arrange the fieldworkers alphabetically.

Another way to rearrange the order of the fieldworkers on the Scheduler is to drag and drop them to another position, in any order you like.

Note! Fieldworkers cannot be dragged and dropped to different teams or from a team to the General fieldworker list. This can only be done through Settings -> Teams.

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