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Creating Staff Teams
Creating Staff Teams

How to set up and manage teams of field staff

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

Teams allows you to split your fieldworkers into groups and sub groups to help you better see and manage large volumes of fieldworkers.

Your teams can be based on skillsets e.g. "Electrical team", Locations e.g. "London team" or generic things such as "Red team or Blue team".

once you've setup your teams and assigned your fieldworkers to them, you will see the scheduler split into the teams you've created.

Getting started

The Teams feature can be accessed through Settings -> Company tab on top -> Teams section.

If you need to add a new team, you can do this by clicking the "Add team" button.

When adding a new team a new pop-up window will be made available, here you can add:

  1. Team Name - based on region, type of work, etc.

2. Team Colour - by accessing the colour circle next to the Name field.

3. Description - here the users can add a small description of the team's role, etc.

4. Parent Team - this an optional field. You can leave it as "no parent team" which will create the team as a normal/main team or you can choose a one of the teams already created in order to make it a sub-team.

5. Address - this will let the user add the team's headquarters address e.g. mainly for companies that have multiple offices or depots. (this is not mandatory).

6. Finally make sure to access the Save button in order for the changes to take effect and the new team to be created.

NOTE! When Viewing an existing team you can Delete it or Edit it from this section, the fields described above may all be amended.

How to assign Teams to Staff members.

After creating your teams, you will need to add your fieldworkers to a team which can be done by going to Settings -> Staff members -> view a specific staff member's profile > scroll down to the Team Section.

A single staff member may be part of one main team and multiple secondary teams. (they will only show under the main team in the scheduler timeline view). A new team can be added for a staff member by accessing the "+" button and they can be removed by accessing the "-" button.

After assigning the staff members to teams make sure you click the Update button for the changes to take effect.

NOTE! The fieldworkers will show up under the Main Team on the Scheduler view. The Additional teams may also be added

Viewing/Managing Teams on the Scheduler.

When going to the scheduler you will see your teams displayed with heading showing the teams name.

The "Parent teams" will be displayed on top and underneath them the sub-teams (if you have any setup).

Team members can be hidden/revealed using the expand and collapse icons.

Staff members that haven't been assigned a team will show under the General banner. This will also include External Contractors.

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