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Quote Templates help you save time by using preset information to populate common fields in your quotes

Written by Tim Rattley
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If the quotes you are creating in Passport365 have common information such as costs, quote description and attached files, creating a quote template will definitely save time.

It may be that you are creating similar quotes for different customers or creating the same quote for the same customers; in which case, creating the quote through a quote template will save time and allow you to create these quotes with minimal effort.

You can access Quote Templates by following the below steps:

  • go to Settings in the left hand sidebar

  • click the Work settings tab on the top menu

  • click the Quote Templates section.

Adding and Editing a Quote Template

To add a new quote template you will need to click the + Quote Template button at the top of the page:

In order to edit an existing Quote Template you will need to View the Quote Template in question and then click the Edit Template button from the left hand side:

After clicking the 'Quote Template' or the 'Edit Template' button you will have three sections that you can fill in for the template:

  • Template Details

  • Template Cost Items

  • Template Files & Notes

Let's take a look at these three in turn:

Template Details

In the Template Details section of the Quote Template you can:

1. Select a customer (it can also be left empty, if the template is not meant for a specific customer). You can also click the 'Add customer' button in case you want to add a template for a customer that is not yet added to your account.
2. Give the template a name

3. Add a description. You can also tick the 'Show description on quote' option in case you want the quote description to be displayed on the Quote PDF as well.

4. Select a site (it can also be left empty, if the template is not created for a specific customer and/or site)

After adding all necessary details make sure to click the Save button from the left hand side to save changes:

Template Cost Items

In this section you will have the option to add the cost items that you would usually add to these quotes.

In order to add a new cost item you need to click the Add Item button, you can add as many cost items as you need:

After clicking the Add Item button the system will display a cost item pop-up through which you can add:

1. A new cost item name or click the 'Find Item' option to choose an existing cost item

2. Add a cost item description

3. Choose the type of cost item (normal cost items or hourly cost item)

4. Click the 'Not Billable' toggle to create an internal expense cost item (non billable cost items)

5. Add a Sale Price and/or a Buy Price

6. Click the 'More Options' toggle to add a Discount or a Markup for the cost item

7. Choose a Tax Rate and Account Code

Finally you can click the Add item button to add the item in question to your template or the Save and add more in order to save it and add the next one:

Template Files & Notes

In order to add any files and notes to the Quote Template you will first need to make sure that the Quote Template is saved by clicking Save:

Then you can simply View the quote template in question and go to the Template files & notes section.

From here you can now add any notes you may need your fieldworkers to see on the job when viewing this quote. Simply add the note in the text field and click the Done button.

You can also make the notes 'Internal' in case you need to hide the notes from the Quote PDF or if your fieldworkers do not have permission to view Internal notes.

After the note was added you can Edit or Delete the note through this section:

In order to add a new file to the quote template you will need to click the Add Files button:

After that, you can click the next Add File button to browse and add the necessary files. Finally, you can click the Upload button which will add the files to the template:

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