Updating staff member pay rates

Adding and updating staff member pay rates including overtime

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

Rates are what your fieldworker charge or cost you for work they do. You can update rates of fieldworkers that will show when creating time logs from the timesheet section. This can be done by going into each staff members profile from within the settings section.

How to update or add new rates

Go to the Staff members section

Go to Settings > Staff members and click on the staff members profile you want to add or edit rates for.

Scroll down to staff rates & add or edit

Scroll down to staff rates and in the Buy rates section you can add the staff members base rate of pay, plus an overtime rate if applicable.

Important Note: standard rate is what you bill the customer for the time the fieldworker spends working

Once you have filled in Base/Overtime fields, you can then Save and repeat the process if you need to update multiple fieldworkers.

Once complete your fieldworker rates will be updated and if they are using Timesheets, any paid log will automatically pull their base or overtime rate in for you

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