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Sending Forms via e-mail
Sending Forms via e-mail

How to send the form PDF files via e-mail.

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

You can send your forms to customers (or anyone else) via email from within the job that the form is attached to.

you will need to go to the Forms section on a job.

Then click on the Form that you want to send.

On the form sheet you can then click on the Send to Email button.

Finally an e-mail pop-up box will be displayed, here users can add the e-mail address that they want to send the form to.

If you need to add more than one email, additional e-mail fields can be added by clicking the '+' button.

Additional e-mail fields may be removed by clicking the '-' button. Finally you need to click the Send button in order to send the e-mail with the PDF form.

NOTE!!! The forms don't necessarily need to be marked as completed in order to send the PDF file via e-mail.

Enabling the Forms e-mail template

In order for the Form e-mail to be sent the users need to make sure that the Send Form e-mail template is enabled in Settings -> Messages and communication.

The e-mail body may also be customised e.g. add more details, remove unwanted details, etc.

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