Sending/Exporting a contract summary

How to export and send contract details to your customers

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Contract summaries can be dowloaded or sent via email to customers. They allow you to provide an overview of the contract containing the total amount of visits to be completed as well as (optionally) a list of visits dates for the contract.

Please follow the steps below to generate and send the contract summary:

  1. First, make sure the "Contract Summary" e-mail template is enabled in Settings -> Messages and communication. If it is not, simply enabled it and Save the changes made in Messages and communication.

2. Go to the Assets and Contract section, accessible from the left hand side menu, then view a specific Contract.

3. Click on the Contract Summary button.

4. From the new pop-up window select what details to send to the customer and the e-mail address you want the PDF sent to. You may choose to not send the e-mail and only generate the PDF to download or print it (un-tick the "Send E-mail" box and tick the "Open PDF in new browser window to download box").

5. Finally click on the Create PDF button to send and/or generate the PDF file.

Information displayed on PDF contract

When clicking the Contract Summary button the system will display three options on the new pop-up window. Depending on the needs of the users, they can choose only one of these options at a time.

Here is a brief description of the information each option will display on the generated PDF:

1. Include only a visits summary - this option will only generate a PDF with the actual contract summary, no details of the visits will be displayed, only the total number of jobs generated for that particular contract and their general status (Scheduled or Due).

2. Include only visits details - this option will generate a list of jobs attached to the contract in question. This list will include the job names, the scheduled dates, job number, service type, due date and the actual job status.

3. Include summary and visits details - by selecting this option the user will generate a PDF with both the actual contract summary and the jobs list. This option basically contains the information from both previously described options.

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