Contract renewal reminders

How to send customers contract renewal emails prior to contract expiration

Written by Tim Rattley
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When a contract is towards the end of the agreed period, you have the option to remind the customer of the end dates via e-mail.

This e-mail will be sent to the customer reminding them of the end date of the contract, along with additional information like the contract name and reference number.

To activate the reminder email, you will need to enable the "Contract expiration reminder" e-mail template from Settings -> Messages and communication.

After the e-mail template is enabled, you must Save the changes made in Settings -> Messages and communication.

Enabling reminders for contracts

To enable the reminders for a specific contract, you must first go to the Assets and Contracts section and view or create a specific contract.

After viewing the contract users must click on the Edit Contract button.

Underneath the Contract start and end date users must tick the "Flag the contract X day(s) prior to expiration". Here the users may also choose how many days before the contract's end date the system should send the customer the reminder e-mail.

Lastly click on the Save button to save the changes made to the contract and confirm that the reminder should be sent.

As long as the customer added to the contract has an e-mail address added to their profile in the Contacts section and the "Contract Expiration Reminder" e-mail template is enabled in Settings -> Messages and Communication the system will automatically send the e-mail reminder when you specified.

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