Billing - How to invoice your contracts

How to view and create invoices against your contracts

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Billing your contracts is a simple process. Once you have set your contract up and saved it, you will have an overview of your Invoice Total, Outstanding Balance and Overdue Balance.

From within a contract, you will also have a billing tab where you will manage creating your invoices.

How do I create invoices for contracts?

You have a few options in terms of how you bill

Create an invoice against all completed non invoiced jobs: you can create a batch invoice against all jobs that have been completed that are not invoiced yet. From the billing tab you will see a list of any jobs that require invoicing in the "To be invoiced" section. You can then click the "Invoice visits" button. You can do this at any point in time, so you can go in and invoice daily, weekly, monthly, six weekly, annually etc

You can preview what your invoice will look like before sending it by clicking the preview button on the Invoice visits pop up.

When you're happy, you can create your invoice (by clicking the create invoice button on the pop up) which will then remove the jobs from the "To be invoiced" section and move the invoice to the "Contract invoices" section below where all of the invoices created against the contract show


Using a standalone invoice: Standalone invoices are really useful for billing unexpected additional costs, or if you want to create a lump sum invoice for the contract and not use per job invoicing.

You can use standalone invoicing from within the billing tab or by going to the invoice section directly.

To create a standalone invoice from billing click the Create standalone invoice button

This will then take you to the add new invoice screen with the customer name and contract details pre populated, ready for you to add the cost items you want in.

Click Cost items & Payment to add in your items

Once you have added all your costs in, you can preview and then create your invoice. Your invoice will then be created and you will be able to see the invoice details appear in contract > Billing > Contract invoices section. You can also go to any existing invoice for this contract by clicking the "Go to invoice" button next to each invoice.

Any Invoice connected to a contract will also have a "Go to contract" button so that you can easily go backwards and forwards between invoices and contracts

Linking an existing invoice to a contract

if for any reason you have created an invoice, but not linked it to the contract, you can do this by going into an invoice from the invoice section > editing the invoice > selecting the contract, which will link it back to the contract. You can also do the same when adding a new invoice from the invoice section.

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