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Adding a reminder from within a job
Adding a reminder from within a job

How you can add a service reminder for a customer from within a job.

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

If you carry out work such as annual servicing, you can now Add a reminder to be sent to the customer and to show in the reminders section while adding a job.

This will speed things up so you don't have to create a job, then go to the reminders section and re populate the data.

How to set up reminders from within a job

Go to settings > Scroll down to "Job options" and select "Allow adding a reminder from within a job" and then press Save.

How to add a reminder in a job

when adding a job, at the bottom of the job form you will have a tick box to add a reminder > Tick this which will dropdown the reminder fields

Populating reminder

We have made it really easy to fill in your reminder by giving you copy functions so that you can use the jobs name and description without having to type them by clicking "Copy" to the right of the boxes

you can then select the due date of the future visit and how you want to send the reminders (Email or SMS)

Deciding how far before you send

You can send to one or multiple people and also click the email dropdown to send to the customers email without having to write it in manually.

Send reminder lets you choose how far before the due date you want the customer or yourself to get a reminder (you can choose multiple times e.g. send 14 day and 30 days before).

You can also update the subject heading and the message if required.

Save your reminder

once your reminder has been saved, you will see it in the view mode of your job and also in the reminders section of the system

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