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Purchase Orders management
Purchase Orders management

How to create, edit and send Purchase Orders.

Written by Tim Rattley
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If you need to create purchase orders for suppliers, you can do this within the purchase order section.

To access the purchase order sections go to Jobs > Click "Purchase orders" in the header

You will have a list of all previous Purchase orders and you can also create new ones. You will also have the general filters and statuses similar to what you see in the rest of the system

Purchase order statuses

Draft: This status is assigned to the Purchase Order as soon as it is created.

Sent: As soon as the Purchase Orders are sent to the supplier the system will automatically change the status to Sent.

Part Delivered: This is a manually triggered status that represents an order that has been partially fulfilled

Delivered: As soon as the supplier fully completes the order, you can change the status to delivered

Cancelled: This status indicates the purchase has been cancelled, but you don't want to delete it.

How to create a Purchase Order.

  1. After accessing the Purchase Orders tab you will need to click the "Create Purchase Order" button to create a new one.

2. All Purchase Orders need to have a supplier assigned to them:

a. Select a supplier from the ones already added through the Contacts section.

b. Or you can add a new supplier by clicking the Add Supplier button.

3. After adding the supplier you will need to add a description, change status, add an order date and a reference number.

You will also have the chance to choose if you want the Description to show on the Purchase Order PDF file by ticking the "Show description on Purchase Order" option.

4. You can then scroll down and select a Requester - the staff member that requested the materials. (can be you or another staff member)

5. Select the delivery address, this can be your own company's address, a site address or the supplier's address in case you need to pick up the materials from the supplier's address.

6. Finally you can add an estimated delivery date and Save the purchase order.

7. Once the Purchase Order is saved you can add materials to the purchase order by accessing the Cost Items section and then click the Add item button.

Editing a Purchase Order.

You can edit a purchase order by going into it and clicking the "Edit Purchase Order" button.

Sending a purchase order

You can send the Purchase Order by clicking the "Send Purchase Order" button.

The Send Purchase Order box will pop-up. You can also preview the PDF that is sent to the supplier.

Deleting a purchase order

If you want to delete the Purchase Order for any reason simply click the Delete Purchase Order button.

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