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Sending Receipts For Payments
Sending Receipts For Payments

How to send receipts to your customers after payments have been made against an invoice

Written by Tim Rattley
Updated over a week ago

You can send your customers PDF receipts as soon as they pay or part pay an invoice. The receipts can be sent automatically or manually to the their email addresses depending on how you set this up.

The receipt email sent to your customers can be customised through Settings -> Messages and Communication -> 'Payment receipt' email template. As long as this email template is enabled the payment confirmation message and the PDF receipt can be sent to your customers.

Sending receipts automatically

To send receipts automatically after taking a payment, you will need to go to Messages and communication and select the 'Send automatically when the payment is processed' option.

If the 'Send automatically when a payment is processed' option is ticked the system will automatically send the email to the customers email address after the payment is taken through Passport365.

Sending receipts manually

If you only want to send receipts manually you simply need to make sure that the 'Send automatically when a payment is processed' option is un-ticked. Then, when viewing the invoice you've taken the payment for, you can simply click the Send Receipt button. This button is only visible if a payment is made on the invoice.

The Send Receipt button will be displayed on the main invoice sheet for invoices created through jobs.

For stand alone invoices the Send Receipt button will be displayed under the Cost items & Payment section of the invoice.

After the Send Receipt button is clicked the system will display a send box with the customer's email address. Here you can add multiple email addresses to send the receipt to, you can preview the receipt, add additional files to the email, add a note that will be displayed on the receipt PDF and send the receipt.

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