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Passport365 BI Reporting
Passport365 BI Reporting

Aggregate and amalgamate your Passport365 data into professional, dynamic reports and dashboards

Written by Tim Rattley
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Optimise operations and strategy with PassportBI. Aggregate and analyse the data collected through Passport365 and make data-driven business decisions.

Discover if jobs can be more efficient, or if you could charge more for your facilities.

  • Make data-driven strategic decisions

  • Oversight on all business performance

  • Dynamic reporting using Microsoft's PowerBI engine

  • Combine data from Passport365 with other data sets

Depending on your Passport365 subscription you may have access to PassportBI reporting function.

If you would like to amalgamate your data into a PassportBI report please contact to arrange a quote.

To access PassportBI please click "PassportBI" as seen below

Click the yellow "Sign-In" button

This will then divert you to log in with your microsoft credentials - BI is powered by Microsoft and therefor an active Microsoft log in is required. Please contact us if you require any help with this.

Once logged in, it will take you back to your Passport365 BI acces.

Here you can navigate to the report you would like to view

Your report will then load into view

To filter through the report, click into any of the drop down fields and tick the criteria you require.

The report will then update to match your filter

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