Service Contracts

Create service contracts that helps keep your customers planned maintenance on time, every time

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Service contracts help you manage your agreements with customers to provide planned services at their site. Service contracts can also include customer assets if you manage them also.

Examples of using service contracts 

  1. You provide maintenance for a sports facility on a regular frequency. You want to automatically create jobs and manage what jobs have been created and completed as part of the agreement. 

  2. You maintain flood lights surrounding the pitch and need to do both an annual        and monthly service to maintain the equipment which has been agreed with the customer for a period of time.

How to create a service contract  

To create service contracts go to the Assets & Contracts > Add Contract.

  • Select the customer the contract is for 

  • Select a site address if applicable 

  • Enter the contract name, start and end dates and description

Add a service plan. This will determine the frequency of visits required to fulfil the contract. 

More information can be found on Service plans if you are not familiar with them here: Managing and creating a Service plan

Contract scheduling 

Once you have completed your core contract details, you can decide if you want to automatically create jobs for this contract or if you want to manually create jobs when you like without automation

Automatically create jobs

If you want to automatically create visits for your service contract, you activate the switch next to Automatically create jobs. 

  1. you can then decide if its to be assigned to a worker or contractor, or you can leave this empty if you want it to be created as a pending job.

  2. you can also decide the date of your first visit and if you'd like to exclude weekends from your visits. 

Manually create jobs for Service contracts

if you'd like to manually create jobs, you can leave the Automatically create jobs switch off and save the contract. 

  1. You will then see a create job button to the right hand side of the service. (Underneath you will also see the total visit due for the particular service to help you keep track). When clicking the Create job button, it will take you to the add jobs form in a new window and pre populate all of the contract data so that you don’t have to.

  2. You can also go directly to the jobs section and add a job, scroll down to Asset/Service and select "Service contract visit" and find the contract the visit relates too. This will attach the visit against the contract.

(From within the contract)

(In add job)

Viewing contract visits

 View jobs added to the contract by accessing the Visits tab from the left-hand side of the screen.

Add Files and notes related to the contract through the Files and Notes section.

History / Audit trail can also be viewed by going to the contract history tab. 

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