Service Plans

Creating and adding service plans which can be used as part of a service contract

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Service plans give you the option to define a frequency in which your sites and/or Assets need to be serviced. You can then attach a Service plan to a Service Contract.

You can create simple service plans e.g. "monthly inspection" or you can create complex service plans "Full gold plan" which may consist of both "monthly inspections" and "annual inspections".

Creating a service plan 

Go to Assets & Contracts > Service plans > Add new

  1. Give your Service plan a name 

  2.  Add your service: this can contain Name of service, description, duration, frequency as well as cost details for the service. You can also select if you want an email reminder(s) to be sent over to the customer prior to the contract start date

  3. If applicable, you can add cost per service details. 

  4. If the Service plan requires more than one service, you can click the "Add new service" which will allow you to add additional services to your Service plan


Adding a Service plan to a Service contract

Once you have created your service plans, they will be ready to add to your service contracts. This means you will be able to create your contracts and then select a service plan which will tell the contract how frequently visits need to be completed. You can find out more information about creating your service contracts here

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